Made In Birmingham Home

Our new blog series follows the Made in Birmingham team as they move in to their new premises in the centre of Birmingham. First up, we hear from News Editor, Sam Davies.

Well, this is the week. We finally depart from Walsall and head off to our new studio in the heart of the Birmingham, leaving behind our home at the Goldmine Centre. Those of us who have been involved since the early days of Big Centre TV, before the transition to Made Television, have called the Goldmine Centre home, Walsall Studio School neighbours, and many of those we shared the building with friends for over two years. It was a roller coaster of a ride from start to finish, and one I truly believe has equipped us with strength, resilience, skills and knowledge that will enable us to thrive in any conditions of the future.

Mike Prince in the new studio sat on the old Tiswas sofa.


Moving an entire studio & office setup from Walsall to Birmingham between the completion of Friday’s six o’clock news and the start of play on Monday morning was always going to be an enormous task (one I ducked in favour of a family weekend as it happens) but the rest of the team performed miracles as they always do, and I arrived on Monday to a fully setup office and a mightily impressive new studio with separate gallery, board room and reception area. There is still plenty of work to do before we are at full functionality and can put some of our more ambitious plans into action but already the improvements are visible both on screen and in the way things are evolving behind the scenes.

Mike Prince presenting the news.


The first week in our brand new studio and office space was always going to be a challenge, particularly with our daily news programmes, plus an hour each of News Review, Big Engine Debate and Birmingham Business… so we knew we’d be up against it. But possibly did not envisage that on day one we’d have to delay the news by half an hour while Elvis (our Latvian cameraman) cycled across Birmingham to COMUX to deliver the progamme directly, only for the file to not work! As it happened, between Lee and Richard in the gallery delivery was completed in time and a strong programme made it to air, a HUGE sigh of collective relief sent waves along the canal and immediately we set to work making plans to avoid the same stress levels on Tuesday.

The new Gallery in action.


I have no doubt that we could have taken some easier options this week and avoided criticism, management, staff and viewers would have understood the task we had on our plate. However I am incredibly proud of every single member of the team as we avoided taking any short cuts and put out good shows every day with fresh content and an interesting mix of current affairs, local human interest stories, local history and sport. As with the wider operation here at Made in Birmingham there is plenty of scope for improvement and I for one would find it extremely concerning if any of us ever felt that we had peaked.

So the week ends, and now we have a couple of days to regroup, recharge and reflect on our first week at the heart of our magnificent region.

We are the second city. We are the engine of the economy. We are the heart of the Midlands.

And now… we really are Made in Birmingham.