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With the cold winter nights and frosty days taking hold, we are pleased to introduce to you, your new weather presenters, Luke and Esme to brighten up your daily weather reports.

We caught up with the duo to find out a little more about them in our latest blog post and how you can get involved and see your weather pics on the TV.

Luke, Esme the British weather is renowned for being a bit wet and grey, what do you say to that?

E: Well it might be nice to be known for better weather but at the same time – it’s such a conversation starter, what else would we moan about? I think as long as you accept to expect ‘British’ weather and take it on with a glass half full kind of attitude, then it’s definitely….bearable.


L: Although the British weather hasn’t got the best reputation in the world, I think it’s important for us Brits be positive and motivated regardless of the weather. It’s all about taking the correct measurements so that we can go about our day to day lives without being affected by the wrath that is the British weather. I remember as a child, I loved the rain as I could throw on my wellies and go stomping in the deep puddles! In all seriousness though, I think the wet weather is something we have to expect in the country. Although, I do think it’s interesting how the weather is always the first go-to topic of conversation for us Brits, regardless of what the weather actually is!

As someone new to weather presenting, is there a weather presenter who’s inspired you in your new role?

E: I really like the style of Tomasz Schafernaker, he comes across really as friendly and likable on air. And of course the queen of weather presenting Carol Kirkwood will forever be someone to look up to! I think it’s good to look at aspects of lots of different styles of presenters and just find your own personal style.


L: As a Welshman I have always been fond of Derick Brockway and his cheerful yet relaxed approach to presenting the weather. So, you could say he is my inspiration as a presenter. Although I think it would be nice to develop my own personal style as well as learning from some of the great weather presenters we have already.

Have you ever had an experience that’s been completely changed because of the weather?

E: I would say the time I most notice the British weather is at Glastonbury Festival – there’s nothing like standing in a thunderstorm for an hour and a half waiting for an act to come out or waking up in a puddle at 5am.


L: I was bought an ice cream at my local beach as a child. I always thought it was the seagulls which were the dangerous aspect of seaside eating. In this case, I was wrong. The wind was strong that day. So strong that it blew on my ice cream cone with such force that it snapped right in my hand. I watched, almost in slow motion, as my Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce fell to the wet sand. I was devastated to say the least. Since that day, I’m always cautions whenever I eat outside on a windy day.

Would your dream holiday be hitting the ski-slopes or enjoying a chilled-out break in the sun?

E: Definitely the second! I hate being really cold and combining that with my lack of sporting ability makes a ski holiday my idea of hell. I would much prefer to be somewhere warm where I can sit around and do nothing!


L: I’d say I’m more of a sun man myself. Although I have never actually been on a proper skiing holiday, I just think I would get sick of the snow after a while. I also love the feeling of stepping off that plane and feeling the hot sun, and I just think it would be strange to step off step into a world which was as cold, or even colder than the UK! Surely the best thing about going away is to experience weather you’re not used to! I think I’ll stick to drinking Pina Coladas by the pool…

Viewers can now submit photos to be included in the weather reports. How do they get involved?

E: Of course! It’s great seeing people’s photos from across the UK. We can be reached on most social media’s, all they have to do is drop us a tweet to their local Made channel or email us… and it’s as easy as that!


L: Yes, we’ve just started showcasing the photographic talents of our viewers and it’s going down really well! People can email or get in touch on the individual stations’ social media accounts.