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We caught up with Edd Wood (yes that is his real name) host of our brand new follow up show… Getting Jiggy: Second Date. You can catch it live every Friday after Getting Jiggy at 8:30pm

Congrats Edd on the new show, Getting Jiggy: Second Date! What can viewers expect from the new series?

Viewers can expect a serious, mature dissection of the serious and intimate points of Getting Jiggy with Josie. Haha, only joking. If anything it will be the complete opposite of that. We will play some games, see what the people on the street think, have “professionals” in the studio to discuss important “stuff”, that sort of thing.

So, in your opinion what do daters need to do to get that all important second date?

Don’t be a douche nugget. The first date is all about finding out a bit about someone to see if they are a crazy axe murderer, or have that potential. If you can be fairly interesting and not let on about the axe behind the front door then you should be fine.

What’s been your worst dating disaster?

I was dating a girl and she showed up one night to surprise me at my house. I was watching the final round of the Masters golf and she joined myself and my flatmate, the usual, having a drink and chat. It was only a week or so afterwards that she admitted that she wasn’t wearing anything under her coat and that was the surprise. I had been so focussed on the TV that I hadn’t noticed she was wore a coat the whole night.

Getting Jiggy with Josie is all about putting compatibility and personality before looks – is physical attraction the undeniable factor or is it just the nice cherry on top?

Have you seen the way I look? I’m like a fat version of Gimli the dwarf from Lord of the Rings, I bloody hope personality is more important! Physical attraction is obviously important and you need to fancy someone otherwise the physical side of a relationship would be lacking. However, for me, a dull personality, no matter what you look like, will get you sent packing.

Finally, who would be your ideal date and what would you do/where would you go.

Obviously I’m going to choose my lovely co-host, Chelsea! What, she didn’t pick me? Then fine, I will have to go with my second choice, Jennifer Lawrence. I think that it’s important that my partner doesn’t have high expectations of being in a relationship with me so I like to go play mini-golf and then a trip to McDonald’s, obviously splitting the bill! Voila, J-Law and I live happily ever after.