Made In Birmingham Home

The Lowdown Birmingham is your new nightly what’s-on, magazine show at 6.30pm and 9.30pm. We caught up with your hosts, George Hancorn and Taffy Mushipe. #lowdownbham


Q – Hi guys! So what can viewers expect from The Lowdown Birmingham?

George: To put it simply, it’s your guide to ‘What’s On’ across Birmingham and beyond! We’ll be letting you know what’s not to miss across Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull – and keeping you updated on what’s exciting across the local area.
Taffy: A fun, culturally explosive, entertaining show.

Q – How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

George: Ambitious, energetic and loyal (I realise these adjectives seem rather fitting of a dog too)
Taffy: Quiet, shy and an introvert… LOL! Fun, adventurous and caring

Q – What do you love most about the city & surroundings?

George: Birmingham is such a vibrant and exciting city and it’s just so big that I still get lost! What I love about the areas we cover on the show here on Made in Birmingham TV is that they’re all so different and each place has its own personality. Birmingham, The Black Country and Solihull are each so different!
Taffy: It’s a vibrant mix of people from all walks of life and its arts and culture scene.

Q- Ok so ready for some quick fire questions…
Book or film?

George: Definitely a film, it’s so much more exciting!
Taffy: Film

Q Tea or coffee?

George: Coffee. I have a real thing about tea just not tasting of anything…
Taffy: Riobois tea without a doubt

Q Night in or night out?

George: Night out!
Taffy: Night in as my life is busy but I end up going out because of my two boys!

Q Cat or dog?

George: I’m not really mad on animals but if I had to choose it’d would probably be a dog. I don’t really understand the appeal for cats – you never see them.
Taffy: Dog

Q Restaurant or take-away?

George: Probably a restaurant – but depending on the food. It’s always nicer going out for a meal although it’s a little bit pricier!
Taffy: Restaurant