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Take a drive through Birmingham and learn the history of the streets as you go. With Andrew Lound and Sarah Hayes. #StreetsOfBirmingham

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  • 1:00 am, Friday 24th November - Streets of Birmingham – Music (Episode 2).

Andrew Lound
Andrew Lound is a presenter, writer and broadcaster noted for his ‘Dramatic Presentations’. He is the former curator of the Avery Historical Museum located at the famous Soho Foundry. He is a man of wide interests and activities, having degrees in Astronomy, and media, and has trained in the performing arts. He has also has experience in industry and engineering!

Andrew’s interest in history began as a child with the story of the Titanic which he has studied for many years. History has also formed part of his science studies tracing the history of discoveries and the people behind them. His love of the history of Birmingham and the Black Country stems from his research into the Lunar Society and his time in industry. “I studied science as I have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me, this easily transferred into history as I wanted to understand the society I lived in. Birmingham has a rich and dynamic history which should be celebrated and learned from.” Over many years Andrew has toured the country with his costumed presentations, organized exhibitions and even headed a science expedition to Libya.

Andrew has had three books published and apart for his work with Made In Birmingham TV, he has worked in the media promoting space science, astronomy, and the Titanic.

Sarah Hayes
Sarah has worked across the museum sector in the West Midlands since 2005 in a variety of positions. Past roles have included working as both a freelance and Project Curator for Birmingham Museums, on the Birmingham History Galleries and the We Made It, Nuts, Bolts, Gadgets and Gizmos gallery at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum.

She is currently working as Museum Manager, formerly Collections and Exhibitions Manager, at the Coffin Works, Birmingham’s latest heritage attraction. This role is a career highlight, largely because of having a rare opportunity of working on a project to create a museum from scratch, and subsequently managing its current operations is a welcomed challenge.

Sarah is also actively involved in promoting the history of the West Midlands in her role as a committee member for the Friends of the Centre of West Midlands History at the University of Birmingham. Sarah oversees the Coffin Works’ various social media platforms, initiating new campaigns jointly with her sister, Anne-Marie and has successfully managed to build a following from scratch.

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