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Sit back and enjoy a fantastic line-up of factual entertainment and reality programming everyday between 1pm-5pm and 9pm-1am. Brought to you by truTV, programmes include the latest series of America’s Got Talent, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Snapped and Container Wars.

America’s Got Talent

Supermodel and sweetheart Tyra Banks joins the team as host whilst creator Simon Cowell, Spice Girls Superstar Mel B, Germany’s national treasure Heidi Klum and Canadian Comedian Howie Mandel form the jury for the hopeful stars. On the search for talents of all ages and backgrounds, “America’s Got Talent” never fails to entertain with a huge diversity of acts such as magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, dancers or comedians. Week by week, they’re all trying their hardest to win America’s sympathy and the generous $1 million prize!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Man of many talents RuPaul is an actor, model and probably the world’s most famous drag queen and in this season of his reality show where he searches for America’s next drag superstar, the contestants must face a death-defying photoshoot and show off their skills to guest judge Khloe Kardashian. RuPaul beautifully brings out the very best of each wannabe and when he puts them on stage in front of a live audience for a stand-up comedy challenge, you’ll laugh-along with every winner and cringe for the unfunny ones left behind.

Fear They Neighbour

This unflinching and dramatic true crime show focuses on conflicts between neighbours that go sometimes violently wrong. This season we see stories about neighbours in Florida who let a feud get so bad it leads to violence on Halloween, plus, an eerie tale about two strong-willed neighbours who clash over their respective renovations to their houses before their tiff ends in murder. And blood is also spilled in a segment about how an access dispute turns really ugly. Engaging and shocking, you’ll never again moan about your neighbour’s noise levels after watching this.

Ink Master

The compelling tattoo artistry competition continues as episodes from Season 2 and Season 3 are drawn up this week. The tattoos are real, and there’s no shortage of drama in their application as the sixteen tattoo artists compete against each other to win the title of Ink Master, a $100,000 grand prize, and a feature in Inked Magazine. In Season 2 episode 12 called The Bigger They Are the artists lose control when their canvases turn out to be NFL athletes.


This addictive true crime series delves into what makes a woman kill? Anger, betrayal, greed, jealousy, revenge. The reasons are as varied as the women killers themselves. In this episode from Season 12, the show documents the sordid tale of Holly McFeeture, an Ohio woman who poisoned her fiancee Matthew Podolak with antifreeze and staged it as a suicide back in July 2006 but got away with the crime for 6 years! The investigation includes interviews with family and friends of the victim and the accused, along with lawyers, police and witnesses. It’s an unflinching thorough look into the human psyche.

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